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How does changing your gig

affect your current position in search!?

Hey guys!

I have a question… I started selling this year and I had a major break-through previous month. Finaly few orders kicked in and when I got few 5 starts review it was a snow-ball effect having up to 8 orders per day! :slight_smile:

YEY FOR ME! :slight_smile:

Anyways… Majority of sells comes through one gig, and the second one gets some attention but other 5 are dead.

I am always on a look for a improvement but now I am afraid - if I will temper with my “golden gig” - for example I saw that I could place category of that gig better or maybe try a different picture or some work done on my descriptions - how does that effect the gig?

I mean according to analytics I am gettin quite a lot of impressions and click vs impression is not that high - I wanted to find out if I can even improve further.

But on the other hand if I change few elements - what does that mean for fiverr search? Could I get a drop in positions because I only want to update the gig?


In the current situation, don’t even think of editing your best selling gig. Just leave it alone.

The other gigs that are not doing so well - edit them, they clearly need it.


Do not change anything of your gig, If it has some review.If you change anything your gig . The gig will loss rank.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: This is what I needed!