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How does delivery time work for tutors giving lessons?

I’m an online English tutor and I’m trying to create a gig. But I’m a little confused over how to set my delivery time. Usually a student contacts me and we agree a time on my calendar for a lesson. But if I set a delivery time does it have to happen within a specific number of days. My availability is different every week.

Also, a lot of my students book weekly lessons, and I offer discount packages if they buy 10 hours upfront. With one or two lessons a week, this won’t take place within the 30 days.

I’d appreciate and advice from any tutors out there.


So, I have no idea how it works in this field, so I’d suggest looking into similar gigs and how they work. But, the first thing that came to mind was delivering a calendar with all the dates and the subjects you’ll be covering? Although I’m not sure sure how this sits with the ToS, so I’d ask CS before doing that.

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Hi, I totally understand what you mean. I tutor Python to students from Fiverr and experience the same issues.

I’m pretty sure (or maybe it was just a dream) I saw a Fiverr article somewhere about certain calender apps that can help with appointment bookings which you can then put into your requirements once a buyer has booked. It’s pretty neat.

When I find the article, I will share it here with you.

In relation to booking the class over a period of time, I am thinking of tweaking my gig wording so that the buyer is actually buying “a commitment to a booking + some resources”. If they don’t show up to the appointment then they simple will lose out but still have the resources. I know this sounds harsh and I guess it will lead to some issues but I will give the opportunity to give 24 hours notice.

I’ve had one customer who booked 10 but then he kept failing to show up, which meant I could have made other plans instead of sitting around at my computer waiting for him to come online.

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