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How does everyone keep their clients organised?


I personally use windows and put each client to their own folder with their name

I use “my libraries” and create the following folders


-current [Projects being worked on]

-open [Awaiting payment/rating]

-closed [Payment and rating received]


-current [Projects being worked on]

-open [Awaiting payment/rating]

-closed [Payment and rating received]


I have a huge dry erase whiteboard I write down every order on and then erase it when it’s delivered. I typically have about 30 orders going at once.


I made myself a day-by-day schedule out of a notebook–kind of like what hairdressers or lawyers use to schedule appointments, and just write in each order (usually just the buyer’s user name and what they ordered) on the day I’m going to do it, and then use sticky notes to remind myself to follow up with a buyer about something or to answer emails, etc., etc.


I just use the manage gigs feature. I try to always deliver orders a day or two before they are due to give buyers time to review the work and ask for a revision if needed. Sometimes this doesn’t work out as planned though when I receive unexpected bulk orders.


I don’t get that amount of orders , i easily manage them through my to do’s :stuck_out_tongue: