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How does EXPRESS tag on your gig helps?

Hey everyone,
I am a new seller on Fiverr and I just successfully completed 3 orders.
Two days back when I was going through my profile, I saw an “EXPRESS” tag was being shown along with my profile. please have a look at my gig too which has the tag associated to it.

Could anyone please tell me how does this tag is obtained and how it helps in gig ranking and other stuff ? Is it visible to buyers, if not then how it will help me in my gig performance ?

I want some one to help me out regarding my queries.
Thankyou !!

It doesn’t help. It just shows people that you deliver in 24 hours.

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Is it visible to buyers ??
So, it doesn’t help in ranking of my gig, got your point.

Yes everyone can see it

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Ok, that’s great then !!
Thankyou !!