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How does Fiverr check nighttime?


I sent a message to someone displaying her residence in the US and English native, but Fiverr said she isn’t online probably because it is nighttime. At the time I sent the message in the US it was for sure not nighttime (from 10am -15pm). Must I assume she is giving a false geolocation? How does Fiverr checks the time and/or location of people?


We as forum members don’t know how they check or assume the time. But they can track us from:

  1. The app
  2. From the website via cookies
  3. The devices we are using
  4. IP addresses
  5. The information we’ve entered in our profile settings.

Maybe your customer is traveling or using VPNs so that’s why it is happening like that. Not sure, but it will fix by itself after some time, because of the software. It checks for the location regularly… so if something mistakenly happened, it will get fixed.


When a person first signs up it shows where they are from.


The point is that I’m looking for an English native proofreader. I strongly suspect that a lot of them declare to be residents in the US and sell their proofread service as ‘native English’ but they aren’t. Their English sounds even worse than mine.


Regardless of where the location claims to be/not to be, it’s always better if you can start a conversation with a seller for a service like this so you can gauge their skills. There are sellers whose location genuinely doesn’t match where they actually are, even when they’ve approached Fiverr CS to correct it on their behalf.

A good reason not to use them. :slightly_smiling_face:


I totally agree with you on this about starting a conversation with a seller for a proofreading/editing service. It’s always best to reach out to a seller via the inbox to see if they are who they claim to be and where from.


I would not assume they are using a false location based on the standard “nighttime” message. That can happen to someone traveling or it can be a glitch. Just judge them based on things you can verify. I know people who live near me in the United States but they are unable to read and write well in English. We have many immigrants here who still need to earn money. If the person doesn’t match your needs because they can’t communicate, don’t hire them. It doesn’t matter what time zone they are in at the moment.


I would like to add the fact that living in the US doesn’t make someone a native speaker. According to the dictionary,

native speaker
noun [ C ] UK ​ /ˌneɪ.tɪv ˈspiː.kər/ US ​ /ˌneɪ.t̬ɪv ˈspiː.kɚ/​
someone who has spoken a particular language since they were a baby, rather than having learned it as a child or adult:

There are English natives all over the world, due to changing countries, traveling or whatever other reason. If you want to choose someone from the US that is, of course, your choice, and I am sure that Fiverr knows how to display location properly.

The bottom line is that checking for location might not be the best idea when you look for a proofreader. The quality of that proofreader is much more important to check, and sometimes location might lead to loose ends.


Send a test order to someone you have heavily vetted as described above. 3 paragraphs with mistakes. You will get a feel for the turnaround time. Ask for a revision and see how that goes. May be the best $5.00 you can spend.

P.S. I am US native english speaking, University Graduate, and TRS, but if you read my Forum posts, you can see that I don’t need to be doing your proofing. :slight_smile:


I pay attention to the time of the person I am dealing with and also sometimes look up their time on a table to try to figure out where they are actually located if it seems like they are not in the U.S. as their location states.


Yes, I think this is finally the best solution.