How does Fiverr handle the communication with buyers?


Hi everyone,

I hope I’m in the right section. I’m a bit confused about the way Fiverr calculates the Response Rate. I personally always reply to my buyers ASAP, and I have a response time of 1 hour. However, my Response Rate is only 91% and it keeps getting down : last week it was 92% and not so long ago it was 100%.

Now I realize that there are times when I don’t actually reply, but that’s for messages that don’t really require to be replied, like when I get something like “Awesome ! Thanks”. I mean I could reply, but sometimes I just read the notification email and don’t even open the page. If that’s what lowers my response rate, then that’s stupid, especially if this affects my sales.

My other question is about the buyers reviews. I usually don’t reply to these reviews, but I would like to know if there is any advantage in doing so. AFAIK buyers don’t need to be reviewed. I happen to buy gigs from other sellers and I don’t think I need to be reviewed.

So what do you think about the system and the points I mentioned? Let me know if I’m doing something particularly wrong that could affect my sales.



Well, I believe the response rate is calculated based on how quickly you reply to the first message of the client. So that means the first message ever.
Basically, now you see a clock besides the new client’s on the right side of the list on the conversations page. Warning you to reply to these.
So only these messages need to be replied to keep up the response rate.

And if we keep replying to the messages like “thanks” , “not interested” then obviously this loop will never end.

About the reviews. I don’t see how buyer’s reviews are useful now that they don’t even appear on their pages.

So just make sure to reply to the new messages, even if not interested, let them know.

philtabest said: Buyer reviews at least give you the chance to defend yourself.
I agree but the OP asked if it had any effect on sales if we rate them or not. I will defend myself for an unfair rating but for others, I don't see any benefit now.


Alright thank you all for your replies. I will contact the support if my response rate gets even lower.Thanks again :slight_smile:


Reply to @kay2809: Thanks. That’s what I thought. I still need to find out why my response rate keeps getting lower. I don’t see any of the clocks you mentioned in my inbox, since I always reply to the messages as soon as I see them.


Reply to @andrecmoi: You will see the clock on the first message of the client when you haven’t replied yet. That’s in the “updated” column on the conversations page.
Also there will be some time above that reminding you to reply before x-hours to keep the response rate. so if you reply after 24 hours, that wouldn’t be counted.

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Reply to @kay2809: Buyer reviews at least give you the chance to defend yourself. For example, if someone leaves a work saying your work is shit and they didn’t communicate clearly with you. Then you can reply to them saying something like “I work to the customers specifications, but I lost communication with you after the purchase.”

The thing is, all will happen if you put buyer reviews back, is that the buyer will create a new account if they get a bad review.

The first response thing is correct, on the first message you are given 12 hours to respond to a message. Which sucks for me, as I sometimes work 12 hours! Which I find quite funny, I’ve contacted Fiverr support before and never get a response within 12 hours. I’m not too fussed by this though, it’s not the part of my stats I concentrate on that much.


Reply to @kay2809: Well I don’t see any of these, that must mean that I’m doing good and replied to all my messages on time (since I’ve never seen the icon and I usually click on the link on the notification email). It still doesn’t explain why this rate is getting lower and lower. Do you think it’s a bug (it wouldn’t surprise me since there are a LOT on the Fiverr main website, on the forum and even on the app) ?


Reply to @andrecmoi: It could be a bug. The rate is calculated based on last 30 days.
If you see this decreasing then you should contact the support.