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How does Fiverr make you feel?

Tired but satisfied. That’s how I feel after 2 years + on Fiverr. Very happy personally, but of course, wish freelancers were treated with a little more respect in India. (Try telling someone in India that you are a “writer” or a “freelancer” or “work on the internet”…)

No complaints whatsoever about Fiverr, it’s as perfect as it gets. Yeah, I can complain that my Gigs are lower in the search results despite my high rating, but I still get 12-15 hours of work a day and haven’t had a break for the 2 years I’ve been here. What more could I ask for? As long as I get work, I am happy.

I’m also happy about finding this forum, learned a lot from other experienced sellers. For one, I am very careful about how I interact with my clients. Never show anger or frustration, always be nice and polite. Some sellers/moderators here are unbelievably kind. I have seen how they help people with their problems without getting anything or expecting anything in return. I really appreciate Fiverr for what it has done for me, I hope everybody realizes how good you have it here. Sign off.

Fiverr makes me feel like I am married to the most beautiful, head-turning woman in the world. The only problem is that we hardly talk and when we do talk it’s always about work. Even worse, I think that some of her friends are idiots and every night I lay awake worrying about the fact that if I don’t make enough money for us both she’s going to leave me for another freelancer.

i like that cyaxrex

fiverr makes me be extra busy but happy with the outcome

It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I don´t know how Fiverr makes me feel. Perhaps like one of those small pubs that I visit for one beer. What I mean by this is, maybe what I feel about Fiverr is just casual and kind of neutral. I have mentioned before that I live in the country side, not many things happen in my neighbourhood. When my husband and I don´t travel, or when we don´t have a party, my daily activitiy is just playing with my dogs. Yesterday we had a garden party with a few close friends, we cooked goulash, had some drinks, played freezbe with the dogs, etc. It was drizzling for a bit but good thing is we have some space with a roof so we can move the table there and we have an umbrella (like them big umbrellas on the beach) to cover the goulash that was cooked in a big pot with fire. But today I don´t have any programs except picking up my neighbour´s dog (she is going away for two weeks and I am going to dog sit her dog - her dog can stay in my place) :slight_smile:

You have a great life, satisfied and stress-free, from what I have observed.

Maybe because I am semi-retired. Before I stopped working, I was always very busy and exhausted, but I needed to do that because I wanted to be retired already at my 30s. Now if I make money, I only want to make it from the things that I really love to do (such as dog sitting, etc), and I don´t have a target how much money I should make. Sometimes a few friends ask me if they can put their dogs in my place for a few days but they don´t really have money and that is not a problem for me. I mean, sometimes they do a favor for me too. I must say I am lucky that my husband supports me (he is the provider in the family). But I have my own savings from working in the past so people cannot say that I am a free loader, LOL :slight_smile: I think my husband is also lucky because I am not a big money spender. I don´t buy expensive things just because they are branded whatsoever, hehehe :stuck_out_tongue:

I know some people who are like you. They don´t actually need to make money to get by because they have savings. But they just love working. I think that´s called passion. So you are tired but you are very happy. I am sure those famous singers, actors, etc, they are also exhausted sometimes. But they are doing their passion and when they did a good job they got satisfied and that is something that is very rewarding :slight_smile:

There’s nothing wrong with women looking after the house and husbands working. That’s how things were for 99.99% of human history except for the last 10-15 years. You don’t have to be embarrassed about this. It’s the tradition in every culture around the world.

In fact in India it’s traditional for girls to get a great education, find a good job, use it to find a great match, and quit the job after marriage and kids :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind words. I Do love taking care of my husband and things in the house. I think that is so great if in India the women get a great education, find a good job, use it to find a great match and then quit after marriage and kids, because kids should be raised not just by their mother, but also by an educated mother. Because education starts from home. Well, that´s just my opinion :slight_smile:

PS: This might sound weird, but in my case, my dogs are my kids (both my husband and I don´t plan to have children).

I hope things improve there for women soon.

That was 1 criminal incident and the men who did that are in jail.

They felt justified to do it. It was only prosecuted because it was world news and made India look bad. I read women do not go out at night.

I disagree with you, but this is a sensitive topic and I am not comfortable talking about it on Fiverr forum.

I will remove most of what I said about India.

No, I am not upset at what you said, people talk about these things all the time and there’s a stereotypical view of India held by most people in the West…I just don’t want to talk about these things or defend anything, especially not on Fiverr forum.

I read everything you said about the women in India. I did not comment earlier (before you deleted most of it - which now makes it look like there something to improve about women in my country since the left over sentence is ˝I hope things improve there for the women soon˝ and the comment is right after my post - well, there is nothing to improve, we are all okay here) because I agree that it is a very sensitive issue. Besides, stereotypes are everywhere and I personally don´t like to generalise people. I have been to India some years ago before I was married. I was only there for a few days because my main destination was Nepal. Nothing bad happened to me in India. I get to see the Taj Mahal and ate their delicious cuisines, etc.

Probably it’s best to simply do one’s own learning process. There are many good articles on this. This is an aspect of Indian history and society that has been in the news and been a subject of discussion a lot over the years.