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How does fiverr rank gig?

I have been wondering about the accurate criteria Fiverr uses to rank gigs. I often see new arrival gigs on first page while there are other gigs offering the same service with 10 or more 5-stars reviews on 4th page and beyond. What’s your experience?

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Fiverr have a own algorithm. Nobody no ranking criteria. Thanks

Hey @cruiseday Fiverr has an own ranking algorithm and no one Knows exactly how the Fiverr ranks the gigs but your ratings, Orders completion, On-time Delivery and social shares helps you to rank high.


I have nothing new to say you dear without just supporting @grandmaa. You just said what my mind wanted to say.

@minahmmas yes I agree with the stuff grandmaa said. :slight_smile:
@grandmaa cool username :grin:

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Thank you for Appreciation.

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Thanks for the information. I will work on those.

I think favorites are much important now in days to rank your gig.
Beside that offer custom offers as much as you can,
Repeat buyer can help you too.

(This is my personal opinion)