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How does Fiverr search algorithm works?

Read carefully if you have time and if you know the answer:

Recently I left Fiverr for half a year, but now I’m back. It’s been a month or so, and I started getting sales again.

A problem I am facing is that my gig is no longer in the search results. I guess I have to edit it, so it gets refreshed in Fiverr systems. Well, I did edit it and it’s still not in the search. I corrected my tags, updated my description, added FAQ and waited. Nope, it’s not gonna appear. The only way I get orders is from buyer requests.

How do I rank my gig up to the first page again?

I saw one guy in the forum who said everybody should avoid editing their gig’s description. Why? How does Fiverr search algorithm works? I need a detailed explanation, as I am really interested in this topic. I need someone who has been here from a long time to answer me, someone knows exactly how it works. I don’t need a reply like: "Update your gigs photos! :slight_smile: "

Thanks for your time!

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This may be helpful to you: [Guide] How to Rank Your Gig for Better Results on Fiverr


Hmm, thanks. This explains some of the stuff, but I still need an answer of my question.

Only Fiverr knows how the algorithm works.

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So sad. I wish I knew too :cry:

Maybe someone will know?

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