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How Does Fiverr Select "Recommended" Gigs?

I really wonder how does Fiverr select “Recommended” gigs. In turkish-english translation area, I’m the 1st in the high rating section. But when a buyer searchs for turkish-english translation they first see recommended area in which I’m not 1st but 3rd, 4th. Usually in recommended area, those who are 1st are not with the highest ratings. Do you have any advice for me to lead my gig to 1st in recommended area and tell me how does exactly recommended gigs are chosen?

I did a search for “turkish-english translation” and you were front page and first row.

You’re first in High Rating.

Hmmm… every once in a while try clearing your cookies. Customer Support suggested I do that because I was seeing the same gig duplication. I hope that works. Otherwise, I think you’re fine.


In high-rating section, no problem, I’m fine. What I’m having trouble with “recommended” section.

Thank you for your clearing the cookies advice, appreciated. I’ll try that :slight_smile:

And still looking for someone who can give me some informations about the sorting of the “recommended” section.

I am also eagerly waiting for getting info about it.


I checked some same topics, every seller has his/her own views how these are chosen. Nobody is certain.