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How does fiverr trade?

How does fiverr trade? Does the seller need to submit the order completely before the customer pays the bill? What if the buyer doesn’t pay later? Or does the customer pay a portion of the order upfront and then pay off the rest when the seller completes the order? As a new user, I’m a little confused about this.


The BUYER always, always, always has to place an order (meaning they are paying) FIRST.

Orders are NOT placed via the messages or your IN box.
Orders will ONLY be seen on your dashboard under ORDERS.

So, yes, the buyer has to submit their ORDER completely before you ever start any work.
The money, sort of goes into an escrow, as when you complete the order, there is a time frame for it to clear - and then there is a time frame for the funds to be available to you to withdraw.

NEVER work on an order unless you see it in your order queue. Also, if you submit a Custom Offer to a buyer make sure they ACCEPT the custom order and it goes to your order queue.



I see. Thank you very much! :grinning:

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You have Fiverr TOS that gives you short details on how Fiverr works. And on main site if you scroll on bottom you have Help section and seller section.

You should read all that is there since it has a lot of good information about how to start selling on Fiverr.


Have you gained a clear idea about Fiverr? Or need any help?

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Thanks a lot. I’ll read it carefully. :smiley:

I’m getting familiar with fiverr. Thank you. :grinning:

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