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How does fiverr work and what price should I ask for my services


Hey guys,

I am new to fiverr. And would really want to know how this works.
The thing is I see buyer request that ask complete apps for only $5. How are people developing entire projects for 5 dollars? I am a programmer and the usual rate of a programmer is somewhere between 30 and a 100 dollars an hour. So can anyone explain to me how fiverr works and how I should price my services? I understand that being new in a market forces you to ask lower prices compared to your normal rate. But working for a couple days to a week for 5 dollars is just insane.


Almost they used $5 just for estimate pricing budget to post his\her buyer request you don´t have to worry about that you can talk them and tell them your own working reasonable price on his\her project… :wink:


Oke so basically the $5 is to not put all their cards on the table right away?


Not really - some people actually expect to pay only $5 for an entire project, regardless of its size. You can send your offer with the price you think is fair considering you’re a new seller and see what happens, but be prepared to be asked to lower your price, prioritise their order, or start immediately without compensation. Just don’t give in and try not to get annoyed :slight_smile:


Wow really? That truly amazes me. And are there actually people producing entire projects for $5?


Unfortunately, yes. There are sellers who would do anything to get orders so they lower their rates too much. They may indeed get orders that way, but that also attracts a lot of bad buyers who never stop asking for more without paying. That’s why it’s important not to give in, even if $5 isn’t worth as little in some countries as it is in the US or Western and Northern Europe.
I barely managed to get rid of one person who constantly wanted discounts, and if they could have paid less than $5, they would have. For them, working all day or several days for $5 was acceptable, and there are sellers who accept this as well.


Oke yes fair enough I understand that in some countries it might be worth a bit more. But I live in the Netherlands and $5 will buy me a loaf of bread and maybe a bottle of milk and then it is gone :wink:
But I understand how it works I should make people an offer that would be fair for me and not settle for anything less.


My advice is to start with lower prices to build your reputation here a bit, but not ridiculously low - maybe just more towards $30/hour than $100/hour. Then, as you get a few reviews and learn how everything works here, you can charge more. Good luck!


Thanks :slight_smile: I will do that :slight_smile:


In addition to the advice you’ve received, perhaps you could create gigs for something small, something that you could finish in 15 minutes, and charge $5 for it? That way, you could get the first few reviews faster, and then create some new gigs, for something more expensive.


Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


I know this post is old but i like giving my 2cents as well. I have been selling digital art for some time now. Over the time many have said “you over charge” or " i cant pay that price" My advice to you is if you value your work price it to your comfort but also keep in mind they dont want to pay to much. I would recommend using the tiered gigs. Start with the $30 or less for estimated hrs but add additional hrs they can add for additional cost. I use all 3 tiers in the gigs i have. I am still new to fiverr so this advice is from someone new. Good luck!


you have to bear it untill you get some positive reviews