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How does Fiverr work?


Im a little confused. Theres no “How this works” section and im getting frustrated traipsing around the website with no real info as to how to go about buying. Do we have to earn credits before we buy or do we use real cash? Im confused :confused:



You need to set up your fiverr account settings with your paypal account.

Then go to the gig you want to buy.

Below the gig description there are one or more check boxes for the gig and any extras (if the buyer offers them),

Check the appropriate boxes and click the big green ORDER NOW button.

Follow the sellers instructions for submitting whatever the seller needs to do the gig.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


4 simple things signup connect your account to your credit card/paypal search what you want and order a gig…


There is very simple way to buy any gig. After signup you need to attache your any payment processor like credit card or paypal account. As fiverr will confirm it you will be able to order on your required gig. That’s it.


Mr Voiceoverwork has given good suggestion follow them.

You must first create account before making any payment for buying a Gig.