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How does freelancing affect your health? [ARCHIVED]

Being a freelancer is great most of the times! If you are good at what you do, you have all chances to start and live your own dream.You are your own boss and this is great!
Your own room is your office and this is great!

Be careful, this is not necessarily healthy. When you work as a freelancer, you tend to be unorganized.You work during the night, you dont eat properly, you sit on the chair for too long, you dont do sports anymore, you are not very social anymore because you work and work.
All these affect your health, dont become a workaholic, try to be organised, wake up in the morning and finish afternoon, not late in the night and dont forget about sport!
Freelancers tend to become sedentary and this is super wrong.
Dont neglect your jogging!Dance, keep a big glass of water next to you and drink it all, dont forget to fill it again!Anyway dont keep it ridiculously close to your laptop because you dont want to spill it all over your keyboard :slight_smile:
Wishing you the best! Stay awesome!

Those are some great tips.

I like to get up every 30 minutes and walk around for 1-2 minutes. This helps loosen everything up and gets the blood flowing.

I also try to keep hydrated throughout the day and I go for a few walks a day just to help keep focus.

dont sit around for orders

use mobile application for alerts

dats it

some thinking while at desk

order orderssssss cmon some one order…

dont waste your time get mobile app

You are right, I tend to work out whenever I don’t do anything, I eat healthy and try to stand during waiting time like uploading or rendering my work :slight_smile:

Reply to @pidruczny: Good stuff! I also try to go on extra walks and perform stretches throughout the day. Clears the mind and makes you more focused!

Killing myself on the inside. Driving me to hospital numerous times for exhaustion. Makes me worried that ends will not meet.

Clients on Fiverr do not help. I recently worked 60 hours straight on here (to catch up after heading to hospital), and the customer told me I had to complete his project (5 hours of work) before I slept. When you freelance most clients do not seem to realize that there is somebody, a real living person, on the other side of that screen.

Received negative feedback for being one hour late for delivery and stated ‘that is just business’ (I was late because I was in hospital, he refused to agree to the removal, killed sales for 2 weeks), and yeah; being a freelancer is tough :slight_smile:

I feel like being a freelancer offers more opportunities to be active. You can work in the morning, take a break and go on a run, and continue working again. A 9-5 job doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities to get active.

Reply to @ryangillam: Health is super important! If you have so much work, a good idea would be to extend your delivery time. A negative vote should not count so much, when you are good at what you do, sales will be back to normal soon because smart clients will be able to notice your skills despite that negative vote. I know that not all clients are smart, but you dont have to worry, losing some rude clients is not such a loss after all.<br /> I always get rid of rude clients very fast. They dont deserve our implication and we should not allow ourselves to be stressed by them. Stay awesome!!! >:D<

Thanks for the advice. I’ve been on Fiverr for the past couple of months and have found that I’m spending way more time inside and sitting. After a while, not moving around and seeing people gets to you. Personally, the challenge is scheduling things like breaks and exercise into my schedule when I feel like I need to keep working to stay caught up. It’s really important though! I’m going to do my best to fit in a daily walk at the very least, and get back into running. I think setting a schedule for breaks and exercise ahead of time is probably really helpful.