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How does Gig placement in searches make any sense?

I searched for my own gig in fiverr and even though I’m a Top Seller, I have 5 star rating and I have nearly 1K reviews. My gig is at the bottom of the page, under people who have less than 5 star rating, people who are not even level 1. It doesn’t make any sense.

What is the purpose of being a Top seller and having 5 stars and 1k reviews if someone who just entered into fiverr is being prioritized more.


It’s fiverr algorithm and it gives chance to new sellers to get orders.


Hey, It’s due to Fiverr’s algorithm, it still a secret for us sellers how it works and how it ranks us, but apparently it gives chance to new sellers to have more visibility !


I’m TRS with nearly 2K reviews and I’m currently on the 2nd page. That happens a few times a week from what I’ve noticed.

There is a lot of complaints about “newer sellers never being given a chance” and whatnot so I’d guess, it’s one of the ways to give other people a chance to shine. As long as I’m on first 2 pages, I haven’t noticed any drastic sales drops so I don’t concern myself with this issue.


The pushing new sellers to give them some chance to sell makes sense, but it’s also placing people who are level 2 and Top seller but that have lower ratings than me like 4.9 etc to the top while even though my score is 5.0.
I actually think its just broken.
When I view ‘Online sellers’ it still shows the new sellers and several people who are not even Currently ‘Online’.

As I said fiverr’s algorithm is still mysterious we can’t understand how he do things, all we can do is try our best !!

I don’t think that’s how search section works, making the well-doing sellers to be on top of the page all the time, unless it is officially documented somewhere that I probably missed.

Besides, the search has filter function to find any New, Level 1-2 or Top Rated sellers. So, most buyers would certainly make good use of it to filter in/out any sellers based on rating/level.

In fairness, people can specifically search for ‘TRS’ within their search - I imagine you’ll do pretty well out of that

Algorithms never have something to do with promoting young talents :slight_smile:

Just like Google and YouTube algorithm, they just try to make more sales. Their statistics will say that $5 and $10 gigs will probably sell more and bring them more income than the more expensive ones. The algorithm is based on this (I’m new to Fiverr, not new to algorithms, I used to create them):

Based on impressions, they calculate the percentage of clicks. From clicks, they calculate the sales. From sales, they calculate the likely chance for someone to buy a gig if they offer an impression.
So their Impression to Sell points is probably higher than the level 1 seller with perfect reviews.
When the most important thing is how fast you answer a message, it really gives away the quality of the algorithm :slight_smile:

We can almost believe your theory, but during the few years I spent on Fiverr, I rarely met 5$ gigs on the first page, less than 10% of people on the first page to be exact, it may only be the case in my nich, but this means that the ranking has nothing to do with the prices of the gigs, as I said Fiverr’s algorithm still acts mysteriously, and that’s pretty normal for any platform

i checked your gig i suggest you update your thumbnail

Thank you for the click, but may I know why ?

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ranking on fiverr is all about “conversion rate” they can only promote a gig that gets high impression and clicks think of it like amazon market place, keywords title description etc… really dos not mater as long as you have a strong thumbnaill :smile:

That’s so true It’s all about conversion rate as you said and not just In fiverr, but when we talk about algorithm that’s another story, I was wondering what’s wrong about my “thumbnail” but apparently you used the wrong word to describe what you wanted to say :sweat_smile: