How does it work for a buyer? Need a short explanation!


I had some work done, and it was a great experience.

Now, I want another logo. It’s really 2 orders, one for an avatar with only the initials of the full name, one for a larger more elaborate design in a recognizable style, so you would know the full name and the avatar are one person.

I have only some sketchy ideas of what I want, I am really absolutely clueless to what it should like like. Actually I dream of 20 designs from different people and in the end I can choose one.

But it does not work like this, does it? So I phrase my wishes and then the sellers contact me, I check out their work and decide based on that information? Is that it?

I just don’t want to be unreasonable but I still want to get at much choice as I can.

How should I go about this?


You can post a Buyer request and get many offers for your requirement.
Basically you post a request, stating your ideas and budget. Sellers will contact you to offer their service then you have your choice.
Alternatively, you can use search function on fiverr to search for suitable service, or you can browse preset categories to find the sellers you wish. Many sellers have porfolio of their previous work then you can choose.


thank you. I just was not sure if the sellers would send their first sketches. Okay, then I will just post ist now :slight_smile:


In most cases, the seller will only work after you pay for the order.
The fund will be hold by fiverr until the seller complete the task.
After your approval, the order will be marked as complete and the seller can have the fund.
Happy buying on fiverr!