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How does it Work?


I paid for a gig with terms I liked that was listed at $5 and the seller sent me a message that they wanted $55 and awaited my response. It seems like “bait and switch” tactics but maybe I do not understand how these gigs work?


Without knowing everything about this gig and order, there’s not much I can say. However, you may have requested work outside the scope of what is offered in the $5 gig. It’s not $5 for everything, it’s $5 for what’s included in their package. I receive this a lot as a seller and have to provide a quote to accommodate the extras being requested in an order.


Did the scope change? Did you ask for revisions that were not included? What was the seller’s justification for the increase?
As @simplybright, with such limited information I don’t think we can share our opinion on this matter.


$5 is just for the minimum order. Price changes according to the work load. When buying, the best thing is let the seller know before ordering. seller will send you the customized offer which suits for your requirement. If buyers follows that way, both parties are safe and convenience. :blush:


Everything that is listed is covered. She’s even offering unlimited revisions.
If you didn’t ask anything extra then $5 is the price.

Why did she ask $55? Did she explain that?

Although I do have to admit that you’re dealing with a newbie and probably even a desperate seller because $5 is ridiculously low for all the things promised.


Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


I told her I just wanted the basic services I already paid for. I don’t want to take advantage of a newbie seller either. I hope this seller is not deliberately using bait and switch tactics on buyers.


It’s a new seller, sure. And they don’t know that they shouldn’t steal someone else’s photo and use it as their profile picture, so I doubt that it’s a good idea to buy from them. You might receive stolen goods.