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How does low quality gigs are rank?

that’s noticeable so many low-quality gigs are ranking in the first page and the good and high-quality gigs are losing their rank!! my top ranking gig lost its rank suddenly. don’t understand what’s going on Fiverr!!:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: is it depends on SEO or rating?? any tips?


Gig’s position is random and it keeps changing every time you search for it. So chin up.


is the sell depend on the rank?

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If you want to rank well in the search results, you are going to have to deliver regular orders at strong prices, and earn consistent positive reviews. Your “rank” is mostly dependent upon how successful, profitable, and well-reviewed your gig is over the last 60 days.


thanks for your valuable information.

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Share your gigs to social Media & try to get some orders by sending offers to buyers request to those gigs. It will help your gig to get more projects :slight_smile:


yeah ,also trying this .thank you