How does my gig rank higher in the Fiverr search?


How does my gig rank higher in the Fiverr search?
Your gig ranking is based on popularity, rating or date.
First of the more people who view your gig, the higher your gig will rank in the
popularity section of Fiverr
Secondly the more positive feedback you get on your gig, the higher you will rank on the rating side of Fiverr
And finally the earlier your gig, the higher you will rank on the date side of fiverr.

Moderator Note: This is an outdated post and was based on mostly guesswork even in 2012. While some of the info in the thread may be interesting, please realize it is not verifiable and is also from years ago.


Thanks for these tips :slight_smile:


Great tips! :smiley:


Good tips :slight_smile:


Is this theory?




The most simple method you can do to get your gig as much attention as possible is to have keywords which represent your gig in the title, description and tags of your gig.


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I wonder about the viewing though; for many people (myself included) the viewer stats is off (stuck). I wonder if the views are still counted accurately, if they affect your ranking, and it’s just that they don’t show accurately in the stats field per gig. Or if, with those stats stuck (for some people at 0), your rating doesn’t change (at least not on a viewing basis). If that’s the case, then I really hope they fix it soon!


This was really helpful, thanks. Hopefully I can get started on this as I only listed my Gig yesterday.


Thanks For More Informative Information


Luckily most of my gigs are top of the search list :smiley: FEELING AWESOMENESS!!! m/


nice and helpful


Your description, Title, tags, etc all got a role to play in getting the search engine to find you gig. :wink:


Great ! I’m trying to work with your provided information and I think it will must work for ranking Gigs


Reply to @mclabz:

bachas85 said: All search results are rotational, and this is done to give everyone equal exposure.


Reply to @celticmoon: I know that but my friend I am highly rated designer :slight_smile: so that helps me to maintain my position


Actually these tips are wrong one of my friend’s gig is on Homepage without even having lot of ratings :slight_smile:


its all about LUCK I guess


Nice tips :slight_smile: but tell me that if i’m starting new then what i should do to rank high ?