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How does oders queue work exactly?

Hello, I’m not sure this is the right category to ask my question, but I’m going to ask anyway.
I’m wondering how orders queue works exactly? for example I received 3 orders at the same time for the same gig and they all had the same deadline.
Being new here, I want to keep my “delivered on time” meter to 100%, how am I suppoed to do that if I receive 10, 20 or 100 orders at the same time with the same deadline? I mean isn’t it better if the timer of the new order starts after the delivery of the current order?
As experienced freelancers, what do you advise me to do to keep my “delivered on time” meter to 100%

Thank you !

Just put a limit on it! I mean if you’re Superman, then you don’t need to use this feature. :wink:


Thank you for your answer, but is this the only solution? I mean putting a limit on gigs may cause you to lose a lot of clients :confused: what if you put the limit to 5 five and receive 5 orders on each of your 7-15 gigs, this won’t solve the problem. What do you do practically?

:stopwatch: Time management is VERY important. What works for me, might not work for you. You just need to strategize your approach, it’s your business, therefore you need to steer the wheel. This applies to ANY business, growth happens. If you cannot handle growth, then you need to re-think, how many GIGS you can humanly/physically manage. Furthermore, if you feel like orders will be trickling in light speed, work on your multi-tasking skill-set. Again, the ball :basketball: :basketball_player: is your court, it’s up to you to make it work - like Tim Gunn.


Limit your queue or extend your deadlines is the only way.



When you limit the queue - gig automatically pauses when it reaches the limit. Meaning won´t be appearing on any search until it gets back to the market.


Ok guys thank you for your advices :slight_smile: