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How does one become a top rated seller?

Does anyone know if there is a formula to becoming a top rated seller or if there are any difinitive steps one must take to become one?

Share your thoughts! :slight_smile:

  • Merty

there are no specific steps, you have to be manually selected and chosen :slight_smile:

so just try to be amazing and perfect :smiley:

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Yea, i think that it makes it almost unfair. if you have criteria for one and two, at least make a level three. Top rated sellers get a lot more perks, and there are some level two sellers that do just as well and deserve the same credibility.

Reply to @mertyshango: Agree. A level 2 seller is excellent and gets the job done. Some of the top rated perks should be applied to level 2 too, or a level 3. Mainly the amount of gig extras and the option to change how many extras were ordered.

I heard a few people say they were contacted just so they could deny them… something like hey we wanted to upgrade you to TRS but your image was a cartoon sorry

Reply to @matt_garry: I sincerely hope that is not true, if so that is truly mean. I mean i understand fiverr grants us all these opportunities to begin with, but it allows for unfair treatment, and strong favoritism. I have asked them as well, and I was told I wasnt creative enough… I guess its too taboo to be a top rated seller and do rap music. Unless of course I say it in a crazy british accent, then maybe they’ll consider me. However there is one rapper who is toprated, and I asked what the difference was, and they said, the editors. I find they throw that as the reason when they can no longer think of legitimate ones. Nevertheless I do thank fiverr for allowing me the opportunity to construct business here.

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Reply to @bachas85: seems the higher you go up, the more vague it becomes…

Reply to @adsensewizard: exactly. There is an extreme difference from the perks and the amt of money you can receive as a top rated seller, vs a level 2 seller, and if you provide no qualifications besides our editors choose… then thats not fair. If it just becomes an editor thing, make being a top rated seller something that changes weekly, but if its a status that remains, and you gain that much benefit from it, I’d say its only fair to make an equal opportunity clause for it. I’ve been trying for months, Dare I even post the ridiculous responses they gave me? (I dont mind lol)

Reply to @madmoo: That’s the problem. Even as a TRS you still don’t have the insight. (not to criticize you, but that’s part of the problem, no one knows!!) And its not about the trying its about equal opportunity. It’s like a slap in the face when there is a guy who’s a top rated seller by running into a pool and screaming out a companies name, while I take days and even weeks to create the perfect tune to suit a person or business model. I believe that is why at least some kind of criteria should be called for. and then you ask them why, and they say, that well, it was creative. So creating an individual song for people isnt? I have over 200 songs made, each unique pertaining to the corresponding client, and well, the other guy, hes ran into his pool 200 times. But I guess im not creative enough

Reply to @mertyshango: I am sure you are creative but 97% percent is too low to be a TRS

You need the sales volume and the money your gigs bring in is what matters most.

Sales is primary, everything else is secondary even though every aspect of your stay here is taken into consideration.

Try aiming for at least $30-$50 a day sales and you should be on the right path to a TRS :slight_smile:

Reply to @chaihock: ohh snap I am closer than I thought! I was thinking minimum $100 a day

Reply to @matt_garry: When i was discussing it with Fiverr i had 100 % so that cant be the reason

Reply to @madmoo: I have a bunch that havnt given feedback, and as I said to him, when I was discussing this with fiverr, I was at 100 percent. Circumstances occur, and sometimes you get a client or two who is a bad apple in the bunch with a chip on their shoulder. So you get two of those and all of a sudden you no longer qualify? Then that is also bogus

Reply to @chaihock: 30 to 50 isnt that hard

Reply to @madmoo: Furthermore I had spoken to the suppor t team directly and what I had said in the previous messages is near verbatim what they replied to me.


Reply to @bachas85: When did you become top rated?

Again thank everyone who has contributed to the conversation

Reply to @crslaytor: are you in route to becoming one?