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How does one get featured on Fiverr


I just wanted to know how some people get featured on Fiverr, because I have many gigs on my channel and didn’t know the requirements.


All featured gigs are handpicked by the fiverr staff members.

So i will be proving some Tips On How To Get Your Fiverr Gig Featured By Fiverr

Fiverr tells sellers this things but we don’t actually take it serious, I will state and explains the tips and you implement and see the improvement you will get.

  1. Your Gig

    Your gig is very important, having a unique Gig makes you stand out, but when you have competition on the type of services you offer you can still make your Gig unique. Yes! don’t be surprise you can do it by simple using a very unique and attractive Title and Description and also a good Gig picture which must also be unique from other as just there gives you a +1 from others.

  2. Gig Video

    This also one great factor of getting your Gig on the featured Gig set, using a unique video helps a lot even Fiverr ask sellers to create a video explaining their Gigs and what the buyer will get from the Gig. Many sellers upload presentation which are also good but before you can make it with such presentation, the presentation graphic must be high and at its best.

    But note: when making a video Don’t forget to add “Exclusively On Fiverr” as this sentence will get your video approved. Upload a video according to these rules “max 50MB and using AVI MP4 or WMV“. so please do add a video and after it has been review and approved. Just hope for the very best.


All are handpicked by the Fiverr staff!


All featured gigs are hand-picked by one of the Fiverr employees. There is no way for you, as a seller, to become featured on your own.