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How does one view their own Live Portfolio?

I have my portfolio turned on for all my gigs however I see no place where I can view what is showing in the portfolio as a seller on my own profile? Can someone guide me to the correct location?



Click on the GIGs link.
There is an arrow at the bottom right near your gig. This is a pull down menu. There you can select PREVIEW.
Hope this helps! :v:

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Thanks for your reply. I do see Preview but I thought that is only to preview my gig. I do not see any portfolio there. The live portfolio part of the drop down menu is a bit confusing, maybe i have it turn off this whole time when I though it was turned on. Here is a screenshot of that menu.


Yes, for the live portfolio you have to turn it on like the screenshot shows.

Live Portfolio turned on means image or any video you deliver in orders would add up in your gig images(portfolio). Also this depends on buyer if they don’t want the delivery to add up in your GIG images they can turn it off.
To see the Gig images open preview mode of your Gig and there you would get an arrow to view other gig images of yours(added through deliveries).

Only TOP RATED SELLERS get the option where they can show their portfolio along with Gig Images.

I hope this will help you.


“Only TOP RATED SELLERS get the option where they can show their portfolio along with Gig Images.”

Are you sure with this?
I’m no-level seller and I already have the portfolio along my gig images.
Or do you mean something else? :thinking:

Top rated sellers get to show their portfolio on their profiles. Others dont

Thanks for all the replies. Just for clarification, are you telling me that in that screenshot, i have it turned off? It seems like since there is a checkmark, that it is turned on? So what does that screenshot indicate? on or off? The screenshot shows my current setting.

Yes, the screenshot you’ve send indicates that your live portfolio is turned on.

Don’t be confused with the Project Portfolio (exclusively for top rated and pro seller).

So I guess then, since I have it turned on for all of my gigs, I am still not seeing anything.

After reviewing all of my gigs, there was one that was different than all the rest…ooohhhhh, maybe I see it now on this one gig…the items in the portfolio show as part of the gig images! Also, directly under the gig images is a section that highlights some reviews… “What people loved about this seller”

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