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How does order canceling affect our stats?


unfortunatly, I haven’t checked very well what my customer sent me as files, it’s long to explain but to make it simple there is way too much work for the price we have set in custom offer.
What will happen to my stats, will it strike very hard ?

explaination: I am making video editing and motion designing and also recording game clips in a 3D mode spectator with video capture software.
When buyer said he had 15 clips, I thought he meant 15 video files to edit, but when I downloaded files, there had in fact 15 DEMO file to record something in 3 dimension by using and programming virtual cameras with command lines wich takes weeks, and i only charged 30€ for it, then it should have cost at least 200€ to record, edit and add visual effects.

I admit it’s my bad and unprofessional but I really can’t do this for 30€.


It is explained here:

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Already checked, if i understand it does affect only the gig research right ?

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Alright, I found the answers in other topics, It’s bad, it affects gig and profile stats, and there is too much work.
2 solutions for me: do a 200€ job for 30€
or lose stats

Evil platform, I have no motivation at all to do this…

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Well, damn it, i go cancel, I’m not gonna play my dignity for some virtual numbers.