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How does outsourcing work?

I’m asking as I am genuinely interested/baffled and not because I need to offload work - how does outsourcing work?

Does the seller offer a buyer another seller’s services? Or do they just order a gig from another seller and then give THEIR buyer the work?

Or is it something else entirely? That’s the ultimate question!

Ah - I meant solely on Fiverr, so another Fiverr seller might contact you and say “I need XX” but then gives your work to their client.

It sounds a bit shady if you ask me, I think if a client wants your services they should come from you and no-one else unless that’s okay with the client.

I’m sure there’s a lot more to it, but I once encountered a seller (not on Fiverr) who outsourced their articles on content mills. I think the guy was a writer on some website that offered a higher amount of money per article, and he simply outsourced all the articles to writers on content mills who would write like 500 words for $2.

I think all it means is that you get someone to do your work for cheaper than you are getting paid to do it, then you just pocket the change.

Outsourcing is just like asking someone else to “FULFILL” the order that you have on your behalf.

So I charge client’s $27 for a 500 word article, then come to Fiverr and purchase a 500 word article for $5.

I have now just “outsourced” my order… the client never knows. But I make $22 for just being the middle man.

Which places do you suggest