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How does Positive Rating work?


Currently my positive rating is at 96%, although nothing justifies that 4% missing.

2220 total reviews
2184 positive
36 negative

It is merely 1.something %, definitely not 4%. Any insight is welcome!


Hey Cristian,

Have you taken into account any paused/suspended gigs as well? Because if you have paused gigs, each with their own ratings, those are also likely to be taken into account.

And how come you still see the 100%-scale rating? Fiverr doesn’t show the percentage rating anymore and instead shows the overall star rating now. Have a look at this:

P.S. I think this is the reason why Fiverr doesn’t want to show the percentage rating anymore, because it may not have been very accurate based on the stats you showed here


Thanks for the insight.

I only have one paused gig which has no negative review. I would need at least 100+ more negative reviews for this to make sense.

Either my cache clearing wasn’t successful or the 100%-scale rating only appears for me(while looking from my own account), still, it’s discouraging me :slight_smile:

Well, I along with others don’t see any percentages anymore, and I can only see a 4.8-star overall rating on your profile. But still, with your stats, I think it should have been 4.9-stars instead… so yes, there’s definitely something not matching up.

I recommend you get in touch with Customer Support and ask them why your stats don’t match with your profile rating :wink:

While I do understand your concern, a 2-4% percentage out of 100 (or a 0.2-star out of 5) isn’t really that discouraging as to affect your passion and efforts on continuing to provide your services on this platform. There are people with ratings that are in more bad shape than yours, and they weren’t discouraged, on the contrary!

If anything, this should only encourage you to evolve, grow, adapt and further improve yourself and your gigs.

Thanks again, you’ve been of great help!

Will open a ticket to Customer Support, maybe they can help me out.

Have a nice day/evening!

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You’re most welcome! :slight_smile:

And all the best of luck on your Fiverr venture!

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If you watch this post, you can understand that what I said before and this is why I said so.


Well, @bingbanners, while this is offtopic I will still reply seeing your persistence on this matter.

While I do like helping people, a moderator’s job is a lot harder than just helping people and being a regular.

It involves a big responsibility of maintaining the forum in good shape, preventing people from jumping at each others’ throats, moderating posts so that they are inline with the Fiverr TOS & forum community guidelines, reading lots of posts each day & moderate them, and these were just the ones I’m aware of on top of my head :wink:

Honestly speaking, I don’t know if I’d be qualified for such a job, or if I could even handle such a tremendous responsibility :slight_smile:

And by the way, aren’t moderators volunteers? I thought they volunteer, not get proposed.


I didn’t know paused and suspended gigs count. Should I delete them to get rid of the low rating?
Thank you Woofy.

As far as I remember, they counted as well, unless Fiverr changed their inner workings?.. I mean, some sellers pause their gigs to get a vacation or get some sick time off, it would be weird to suddenly see their profile rating go up when pausing gigs, and when they reactivate them the rating going down again - so with my logic I think paused gigs are likely to count. But only CS can give you such a certainty :wink:

Anyway, you should ask CS if deleting gigs would clear the low ratings of paused gigs, and if paused gigs still count or not against the overall rating :wink:

Well, CS just cleared any and all confusions :wink:

So, @cristiansticea , @san_barrionuevo , ratings from paused & deleted gigs are taken into consideration as well. Which means that deleting gigs will not recover your profile ratings.

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Thank you, but I still don’t understand…
If paused gigs count, why deleting them wouldn’t affect my overall score?

It doesn’t matter whether you pause or delete your gigs, your rating will appear just like if those gigs were active - Fiverr will have permanent records of all your gigs in all your profile’s history, and will use that gig history in the overall profile rating.

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Now I get it. Thanks.

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