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How does Quick Response work?


When I was talking on chat box to client, there is “quick response” fiture.

Is it some kind of templated message ?


Yes its template message type.

for example

Name of message : Thank You.

Message : Hi, Thank you for contact me. Yes i can do this job professionally please share more details with me. Thanks.

and save it. next time when you will get job query you can just click on this message and send.

this will help you save the time and typing every time same messages.

yes this can be those same message that you typed every time when you got new message.

Example 2. when some one says "ok i will contact you later"

you can send already saved message "

name : looking forward.

message. ok thank you! looking forward to work for you.

click and send message. that’s it.

hope its clear for you now ! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your info