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How does requesting work?


Hi everyone!

I just signed in to Fiverr and made a request (for a book cover design) that is currently still pending.
I want to ask you how this whole request process works: Will sellers send me previews of their designs? Or will they only send me a message that their interested in designing?
How can I tell if I like their work or not?

Greetings from Germany :slightly_smiling_face:


I am an author and frequent buyer here on 5r. I can make some recommendation of fantastic 5r cover designers - but that all depends on the type of cover you are looking for.

Buyer’s Request may not be the best platform to find a great seller - there are so many that apply with minimal skills it could be overwhelming.

This is what will happen if you are still interested.

  • Once approved, you will get a message that someone has made an offer

  • Just click on that link or the page to request

  • You will probably get around 30 to 40 offers; 75% will be canned responses of really poor quality such as: “I have read your instructions carefully am confident I can do the the job” or any variations of this - delete them.

  • If you do find one or two worthwhile, check out their profile and message them to make sure you two are on the same page - literally.

Once you selected the right seller, place order and go from there.

As a side note, to prevent any issues, you are far better off sending them stock photos you want used. I recommend you not let sellers pick the stock because you have no control over the legality of it. In other words, you want to make sure what you’re using is not copyrighted material.

You can legally buy stock from various sites such as dollar stock, canstock, etc. there are also some free (which explicitly states you can use it for books). Good luck.


Thank you so much, Gina!
I’m looking for a book cover for my Young Adult novel (Contemporary Romance).
If you want to make some recommendations – I’d be glad! :slight_smile:



Do you have your own stock photos to send?