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How does response system work actually?

I am a new seller with some 5-star reviews, struggling to get a proud position at Fiverr. I was happy about getting work, response system, conversion system. All the process was fine until my response time falls down suddenly and getting less message than before which is so irritating as the possibility to get more work depends on more message.

I know it was my fault not Fiverr as I didn’t respond to buyer message in time. That is not the main concern of my question. I have researched about message response process and got to know many things but one thing’s still not clear to me.

I know the fast response to buyer message is better. But what happens when we discuss about the project and at the last of the conversation buyer thanks me or something when I have no choice to tell something that means what happens when the conversation ends up with buyers speech?

I think you are asking what happens if you do not make the last comment? The answer is nothing.:blush: Only the first reply counts towards your response rate. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much @vickiespencer. You are great. :star_struck::heart_eyes:

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