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How does the Buyers' request work exactly?


Hey everyone

I’m new here and I am not exactly sure of how that Buyers’ request system works. I sent quite a few offers yesterday and I haven’t received anything yet. I am unsure as to how long should I wait to find out if my offer was accepted or rejected by the buyer and also how I will be notified if my offer gets chosen.

I would really appreciate it if you could provide some information.

Thank you :smiley:


This might help:


I think you’ll only get a notification (it’s actually a Gig order and you can find those under Selling > Manage Sales), if your offer was chosen by the buyer. Don’t expect getting a response immedialety after you’ve send your offer, though. You won’t get a notification if your offer has been declined.


You get up to 10 replies per day on Buyer Requests so it is a good way to start contacting potential buyers and to see if you can help. I used it to build up my contact base when I first started on fiverr but I rarely go there now.


Thank you guys this is very helpful. I’ll keep applying then and hope for the best.


Other than that, there’s not much you could do. Just wait and drink tea :smiley:
Crossing my fingers for you!


Haha thank you. Tea always helps. :joy:


I have got a reply :sparkles: :sparkle: :sparkles:. Not an offer yet but a reply so thanks so much for reassuring me while waiting.


Never get discouraged :slight_smile:


I’m puzzled by buyers request also. I open the menu and it says that none are avaliable.

Do I have a setting that I have to change or do I need to have a Gig completed first?


Hi Sara, you need to have a gig in the first place - I can´t see any gigs on your profile. You will see Buyer Requests from the category/categories your gig/s is/are in.


My gigs are all pending?


Ah okay, then you should see BRs once your gigs are active. I thought you meant completed as in how fiverr uses that, meaning you did an order and the buyer accepted your delivery = a gig (an order) you delivered is completed, and the revenue goes to your pending revenues.

Here´s some useful info on Buyer Requests for some questions you might have once you can see them, there´s more on the forum, like the link offlinehelpers posted above, you can use the search function top right to find all related posts :slight_smile:

NEW SELLER but Never give up

wait wait and wait :slight_smile:


and also apply, apply and apply! :joy: