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How does the extra-fast option work with multiple orders?


I noticed that when you purchase gig extras, it automatically increases the quantity of basic gigs. For example, I buy 1 basic gig, then add two gig extras, so the quantity of basic gigs goes up to 2 (four items total: 2 basic, 2 extras.) But what happens when somebody selects the option for extra-fast delivery? I mean, it gives you the option to select multiples, but it doesn’t automatically increase when you raise other orders. For example: I buy 1 basic gig, but add two gig extras, so my basic gig quantity automatically goes up (2 basic, 2 extras), but I want the order extra fast, so I purchase 1 of that. Does this mean that only one of my orders will be delivered extra-fast, or that all four will be given priority? I’m not sure how this works - any help?


Fiverr isn’t the most advanced of trading platforms, is it? Bless.

To counter the problem of having somebody order lots of gigs but paying for one extra-fast, most write at the bottom of their description “one extra-fast per gig”.

If somebody doesn’t listen, just deliver the one extra-fast within 24h, then deliver the rest of the work a couple of days later.


Yeah, that’s what I thought. Thanks for the help, folks!


One other idea I have used is to ignore the extra-fast delivery option and to write in my own extra-fast for one of my gig extras. That way I can spell out the terms and the added days. I guess each seller has to figure out their own best way since Fiverr doesn’t offer a better option yet.


Yes, this is difficult for me, too. Even without the extra fast, gig multiples having the same time frame is annoying. I started making extras for multiples that have a slight discount to motivate people to order than way instead, so that I can control my time frames.