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How does the Fiverr algorithm work? šŸ¤”

Hi friends, Iā€™m new to Fiverr and I had a question, how long does it take until you receive your first order? now I explain it.

I published a GIG and it took three weeks or so for my first order to arrive, and I was reading that the Fiverr algorithm takes a while to position you in the lists, in a few words to show you to the buyers.

I did a test searching in Fiverr from another computer and the truth to find my GIG I had to place many filters, now I can not imagine how a buyer is going to find me and the truth is I am not much of spamming social networks, as it is something Annoying and you end up is ignoring.

Could you tell me what your experience is?

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You can improve your odds of earning more orders by marketing and promoting your services to the target customers who need what you have to offer.

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