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How does the Fiverr review system work?

How does the Fiverr review system work !? My gig contains the same STAR MARK after getting a 5 STAR review on each category.
Can anyone tell me that how Rating Breakdown works, please !?



When people rate your service, it is divided up into three questions:

Seller communication (They will rate how well you communicated with them. If you answered quickly etc.)
Recommend a friend (This is if they would recommend your services to a friend or not)
Service as Described. (This is a rating for your work that you did for the customer)

Does this help?


Thanks for the reply but I am searching for the ratio. I mean I have 4.8 , 4.6 and 4.6 on my gig. Now, if I got a 5 star on each, then how it will increase !?

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I am not sure how it works or how the system works. My experience is that if a gig gets under 4.7 it drags the gig lower in the fiverr searches and it takes ages to get back up to a 5 rating. It took no less that 6 months and a lot of 5 star orders to bring my profile up to a 5 star.


Thanks for sharing :blush:

It basically takes the average of all your buyer’s rates (not sure about the exact rounding) and averages them all, and rounds to 1 dp, for the figure it shows on your public profile. If the avg to 1 dp doesn’t change, what it shows for that avg won’t change.


The average rating is all you should be concerned about.

I have a few hundred 5-Star reviews…a number of 4’s and a 2.

My average still shows that I am a 5-Star freelancer here.

I get a chuckle out of Sellers freaking out about anything less than a 5-Star rating.

The trick to the system is simple math.

If the majority of your ratings are 5-Stars, and you get a few 3’s or less, over time you get pulled up to a 5-Star average rating provided your 5’s outnumber all the other ratings combined.


@uk1000 @looseink Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face: