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How does the Fiverr's Visibility status works?


I have been experiencing few issues with Fiverr’s visibility status, and I am not sure how it works, maybe anyone from the Team Fiverr or sellers may have something to share on this.

Seems like keeping Fiverr’s visibility status set as ONLINE does not mean that you will always stay online, if you are away for sometime even if the browser tab or mobile app is active and your internet is never switched off during this time, Fiverr will automatically show you OFFLINE in few minutes. Did this happen to anyone?

Also, I want to know what impact it makes to our Gigs if we are shown offline (even if we don’t want to be)? I have personally noticed that because of this Gigs are not being promoted and I have not received orders from Buyers.

I would love to hear from great professionals, kindly assist.

Nauman Akhtar
Web & Graphics Designer