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How does the gallery actually work?

I’m trying to understand the gallery logic. What determines which projects end up in the gallery? Does the age of the project have anything to do with it? Do older projects that once appeared in the gallery eventually get phased out of it?

The buyer determines if they are okay with the portfolio sample to show in a seller’s portfolio or not during the accepting/reviewing process.
As a seller, you can only influence your portfolio in so far as you can activate/deactivate your portfolio, so, in theory, if you would not want some work to show up for any reason, you could deactivate the portfolio before you deliver (don’t forget to turn it back on later) but you have no way to make a sample show if the buyer chose to not let it show during the reviewing process.

There are some articles about that feature in the Seller Help Center (which is more a FAQ or Fiverr knowledge base, not to confuse with the ticket system), if you want to look them up, “Live Portfolio” is the term Fiverr uses, that probably will get you better search results than “gallery”.

Not sure if anything gets phased out after a certain time, though, sorry. Probably not, as old reviews don’t either, they just move down but you can get to them via the “Show More” button, then again, images take up more server space than text, so perhaps there’s a limit. :woman_shrugging:


I don’t think age of project has an affect. I think it’s just the number of samples in live preview is limited so when the buyer adds a new one, if it already had the maximum, the oldest one will get removed I think. Also I think the number of gig images you have will also affect it. eg. I’ve seen someone with >1 gig images than another seller and they seemed to have less images in the live preview (even though they had enough reviews).

eg. if a seller has 1 gig image the max of entries in the live preview seems to be 18 .

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This may be helpful to you:

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