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How does the level of the seller impact on the search result?


Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you. If I don’t have enough sales now, what will be in the future… Good luck to us all!

Reply to @kjblynx: Also, could you please point out what website did you choose instead of Fiverr?

‘I’m leaving Fiverr for a more welcoming and better managed website. If you’d like to find me simply search for my username in your web search of choice! I offer voice acting, modeling, and video game testing with my 10 years of hands on experience!’

Heck of such question…!!!

But i know many people who have crossed level one milestone but didn’t get any change in their sales…!!!

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@contentmachines, especially for those including a link to their Fiverr profile in comments and posts they make in this forum… Just kidding!

Doing this will not help you generate sales, but rather be frowned at by other sellers here.

Reply to @willpower_hk: Hello sir, i have no problem with that…

Tip. Just dont ask your friends to order you for the level one cross.

do hard work send offers on buyer request be honest and wait untill you reach level one genuinely.

communicate well with even single client.

Reply to @kjblynx: How things are going now? Is it better than working on Fiverr? You can also combine your wok on Fiverr and receive orders from your own site.

Reply to @abidagfx: Thank you! I do my best of the best here! :wink:

I see many gigs at the top of the search engine. Beginners, Different Levels, No Experience.

I am sure Fiverr’s search is providing an environment to motivate new sellers, satisfy existing sellers, and create a fast and productive search for the buyers. It has to accomplish all three at the same time. So there will always be room for whining.

Provide things that you see people buying on Fiverr, Be really good at what you do. Communicate well, and be dependable and things will work for you. Constantly evaluate your competition and adjust your gig offers.

Sales do go up and down, It’s like that in business. Being self employed for 20 years, I have never planned a vacation. I take time off when it is slow. A few days here and there.

Reply to @landongrace: Thank you! :slight_smile:

The performance is what really matters in the searches and what the user is looking for in general…

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Reply to @frmistu: Do you realise that you produce spam?