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How does the Modification Request work exactly?

Hello. I don’t quite understand how the modification request works. I have noted that every time a buyer requests the modification service, the order timer resets to THREE hours. That means that I have three hours to deliver the modified work or else the order is marked LATE.

In the event that you’re kind of busy with other orders, you later login into your account only to find that your ON-TIME DELIVERY rating has dropped!

Is it the clients who set their revision duration to 3 hours or is it the system that automatically sets it? Either way, I have no say on the matter at all times.

Somebody please help.

I’ve never seen three hours, for me it resets to the normal estimate before giving another 24h countdown and saying “LATE”.

This said, only orders whose initial delivery was late will be counted as late. If you read LATE on the timer but your first delivery was within your gig’s estimate, it’s not counted as late if accepted. Those so-called “initial on-time deliveries” are always in the clear, no matter the revisions. It has happened to me two times but nor my stats, nor my orders had any repercussions.

If your average went down but you had delivered the order on time, contact CS. They will help you set it back to 100% if you are in the right, just have a little patience.

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Thank you so much for the insight!
I’ll now be on the lookout for that…