How does the Money Back Guarantee works


If I have to provide Money Back Guarantee in my gig What amount I have to return. Will I have to return the complete amount Buyer pays i.e $6 OR the Amount that I Receive $4. And how does it returned, is there any way to transfer the amount



You just cancel the order.


you need to cancel the order mutually…then if your buyer will also agree to cancel the order , the order will be canceled and the money will be backed to the buyer’s account…and also the given review by your buyer will be removed automatically.

I Think you have understand…


Simply send Mutual cancellation request.


Good question and thanks for your responses everyone


Simply send Mutual cancellation request. So don’t worry fiverr will not charge any amount from your balance.


guys am having problem with my gig title it keeps saying that “title contains incorrect words” how do i manouvre from there guys? am pretty sure that what am entering is ok…i need help here plis kindly asist me


there’s a list of characters you can’t use, somewhere (hello google). Also, dont use: I will / $5
Only one word can be capitalized I think.


Thank You Friends for your Information and Support


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