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How does the online status timer work?


Hello everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone knows the workings of the online status timer? As in, how long does it take for me to go offline due to inactivity or does refreshing count as activity?

I’d like to ensure some exposure by remaining online while I can.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Daniel,
in the past people were used to refresh the page in every few minutes to show that they are online and then Fiverr introduced mobile app, if you are logged in it will show you are online.

I am seeing from few days that even being logged in on mobile app it does not show that I am online, If you are on desktop it will show that you are online idk if it is a bug or the new update.

Let wait for others to see their experience.


So I guess no one knows, I’ll probably see if I can time it myself. Will post here if I do.