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How does the "Personal Website" integrate?

Hello and thanks in advance!
I’ve been using the free course and such, but can you tell me how this works:
When I am setting up my profile (my description, experience & expertise etc.) I come across:
“Personal Website”
which says Private (which makes sense since it’s understandably prohibited to re-route people to your own site and undermine Fiverr wrongly)
but there it is saying:
“Include a link to your personal website or portfolio with your work samples”
(and) “Provide a link to your own professional website”
So… how does this work?
Does it create a nested window where people can see my work without seeing the URL?
Or is this just for Fiverr staff to know I’m real?
I just ask now because depending on exactly who or what this is for, or how it works, I will customize a webpage for it accordingly.
Thanks again!

Hello Jeff!

Welcome to the Forum. :tada: I see this is your first time posting here.
This is for internal information only. Available only to Fiverr Staff! It just shows them that you are experienced in your field of service. This information will not be displayed on your profile.