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How does the portfolio work?

Hi! I’m a novice seller, and got my first order. Everything fine, did the work and the customer is happy ^-^ But I have a question.

When I was going to upload my work to deliver to the customer, Fiverr said something about including a jpg/png/video/audio file, so it will be added automatically to my portfolio.

That would be really cool! But I deliver several audio files inside a .zip. How should I add an audio file to be automatically added to my portfolio next time? Should I upload the .zip and a separated mp3, for example?

Thanks for your attention! ^-^

Adding an mp3 should work to add to your portfolio, good luck!

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I add a jpg of my DAW Session. Shows that the work was being done by me (and not in Audacity :wink:) and if Fiverr show the mp3 & jpg together, collars & cuffs match.

TBH, I am not sure I have ever seen my finished work shown in this manner. But better to do…