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How does the review system work now?


Since Fiverr introduced the blind review system, I haven’t “reviewed” any of my buyers. When it was introduced, the seller’s feedback would be posted under the buyer’s review, looking like a response to the review…like it had always done before, except we couldn’t see what the buyer wrote first. Fiverr has said they were changing things, but it’s been a while and I’m wondering what has actually changed. I have seen a couple of reviews on buyers’ profiles now. So my question is: As a seller, if I leave feedback for my buyers now, where does it go? Does it go on the buyer’s profile? Under their review? Both?


Now there are two reviews you can leave as a seller for a single order. First review goes with star rating and it will appear in buyer’s profile. the second review will be remain under your gig review area under the buyer’s review as it was from a while. but that will not be a stared review. just like a comment for what buyer’s wrote.

This is an example of first review i left for my order resides in buyer’s profile,

This is the second review i left for that exact same order which resides in my gig page under buyer’s review,

I hope you got the idea.

Happy Fiverring! :relaxed::green_heart:


very good point @adrover, I also do agree and wondering my self about it… I hope your question will bring some answers and looking forward to it +1


Thanks! Did you have the option of writing different reviews for the one that shows up on the buyer’s profile and the one that shows up on yours? And if so, did you get to see the buyer’s review before writing your second review of them?


Yes, You can see buyer’s review after you leave the first review. so you can write a review which shows under gig according to what buyer wrote for you! :slightly_smiling_face:


This is excellent news! :smiley: