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How does this be a "Third Party TOS Violation"?

Buyer’s question: “I need you to do influencer research for me on Instagram- is this possible?”.

My Replay: “Thanks for your interest, yes, I can do this for you! But would you please explain a bit more about “influencer”?”!

I got a warning after few hours of this replay!
Issue:Third Party TOS Violation!

I’m afraid I can’t help with an answer.

However, like you, I find it hard to understand when there’s an entire section on Fiverr for influencer marketing on social media networks including IG, top rated sellers offering exactly the same service you were asked to do etc. etc.

It makes no sense to me - perhaps CS might be able to help you?

Added - you might find this interesting:


sorri i don’t know about this

Thank you very much man, at least I got an idea what it might be :slight_smile: :+1:

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@azizar186 Never assume that someone is a man! :wink:


@lloydsolutions What do you assume someone then?:wink:

It’s better not to assume anything. :wink::woman:


@offlinehelpers Ok, I will keep it in mind, thanks :+1:

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No problem - hope you get your issue sorted out quickly! :sunny:

@offlinehelpers I hope so too, thanks

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I didn’t get it, what was the problem?

@jobsclebson I was shown a warning and had me to confirm that I won’t Violate any Terms again!! and I am not sure which Terms I Violated by my replay(Check at the top) to buyer!!

Ah, just a warning, ok, I got it.

Best not to use man, brother, mate, dear, etc. when addressing others as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.


@lloydsolutions Thanks for your suggestion, I will keep it in mind :+1:

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