How does this 'sort by rated' work in a category?


I don’t get it. I started at 6th in the category last week, I have completed on average 11 gigs a day all of last week, and 40 gigs the past 2 days. Now I am down to 12th. It’s crazy. Somebody just unpaused her gig (she paused it when she had 12 orders in the queue) and is 6th. She had it paused for 5 days, I am a little bit miffed as I am working incredibly hard and receiving startling feedback, but I am falling further and further down that list. It kind of sucks :frowning:


Fallen even further down the list sigh had some orders today, but still. I have no idea what is doing it. I have been working incredibly hard to write and get stellar feedback, but I just sink down that list :frowning:


lol, I’ve been crawling up the ratings rank in my catagory also. On this holiday weekend there are enough people offline that I’m actually in the top 20 of the regular ratings. I have no idea how they work, but as long as you’re being seen I feel like you’re heads and tails above a lot of people :wink:

bachas85 said: Supposedly it's by rating and most active.
You can pause a gig and still deliver gigs from your queue, thus still being active.

Yes, it is meant to be. However, when this particular person paused she only had a few orders in her queue, I think it was 12, and then when she popped up again she was straight in there. I have completed more than this a day and I get nothing :( Just fall further down the list, and very few people are paying attention to me now.


Also consider how you may be de-ranked in search when you exceed a certain number of orders in queue.


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This is true, I think fiverr try it’s best to shares the sales. If you have gotten tons of sales you will be dropped a little to let others get more sales.

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It’s for the best though, what happens if you get to be on the top all the time? Eventually you wouldn’t manage to work fast enough to cover the incoming orders and deliver quality result. Just my humble opinion.