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How does this work?

I still after going through the whole website can’t figure out how this works.

Do I as a buyer give my project to more than one seller and then choose the best result? Or do I choose one seller and they provide me with several versions of their ideas to choose from? What if I don’t like any of the results, am I obligated to buy from them?

I wish FIVERR had more information about the actual process. I have 17 people lined up to make me a logo for a wealth management company whose website I am making but I don’t want to choose until I know what to expect.

Each seller is independent on Fiverr, the website is just a platform. It is up to you and the seller to agree on details such as how many versions they offer you. You pay for each gig in advance at the time of order and Fiverr holds the funds until 2 weeks after the order is marked complete. After 2 weeks, the seller gets paid.

You may not cancel or refuse the delivery based on personal taste only. You may cancel and get a refund for legitimate reasons like copyright issues (seller tries to give you McDonald’s logo) or items that aren’t as promised (seller sends you a poster instead of a logo.)

If you want some cheap test results, you can see if some sellers will send you a custom sample or partial for $5. You pick your favorite to order an expanded full version.

There are some sellers who make several sketches for you and you will have the option to decide which version you like. Of course this will be more expensive. But you can always message the seller before you order and ask for possibilities.

Here is one option I tried as I have read many stories of buyers who got logos they didn’t like. I posted a request for free samples in the Buyer’s Request section of this site of a logo using my fiverr ID. I got four samples out of about ten responses, none of which I would ever choose. I was glad I had this chance to see some samples. Most sellers won’t make you free samples but some will. You can get an idea of the quality of many of the logo designers here.

You must place an order and pay for it before getting your logo made. And if you don’t like it you still must pay for it, since fiverr does not allow buyers to decide to get a refund for not liking the design you got.