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How Does Weekend Treat you on Fiverr?

Hello I am an almost 2 month old seller here on Fiverr and I face slump of sales from Friday evening to Monday Night. My time zone is GMT+05:30. So I want to know is it with everyone or just with me? I understand the obvious reason for that is Weekend. Share your views on this… Thanks!!!

I think its same for all. I dont know why but i have two gigs active just now and can only promote one gig. This is not good for buisness. Is this an technical issue or is that normal?

Well sales drops on Holidays and Weekends… Same problem have many sellers here on Fiverr…

Indeed especially if your work here in Fiverr is not yet big to become full-time, you are hoping to work in your spare time and weekend time.

My personal experience for this is that during the weekend the buyers are less responsive than other days.

I can’t confirm for sales as I am still struggling with very few sales. Too little to be affected by this. But definitely the response rate is going down for weekends.