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How does you guy manage to take a break?

I was wondering how do you guys manage to take a break for few days or few weeks? How do you set up your account for these days? I know vacation mode is messing up gigs search results.
Do you use “limit order” option? Do you suspend your gig? Do you change your prices to stop getting orders for a while? How do these options affect your gig and search results and how efficient they are?

Me, I set deadlines to a few days ahead so, if I please, I can take one day off or two (normally not without being hella worried anyway lol). I suppose that can be used in your advantage as long as it’s not an abuse on the client’s time.

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I’ve used vacation mode before, and because I’m in a small niche it doesn’t concern me much. But for sellers with lots of competition, this will be an issue. I would set my delivery time to match up with my days off if this was an issue.

For example, if you’re going on holiday for 10 days, set your delivery time to 15. Make sure you’ll have enough time to work through all the orders once you get back online!

Best of luck :slight_smile:

As far as i know, long time delivery is also affecting your search results.

Why would it? It would depend on the type of work you do, right? If I’m doing a job for 5000 words this will take longer than 100 words. Naturally, my Gig delivery time will increase from those. Bigger jobs mean more revenue for Fiverr and their sellers. So I don’t see why this would affect your gig.

As far as I am aware, longer delivery times only affect the search filters that your gig would be found under. Whether you have a 7-day delivery schedule or a 2-day delivery schedule shouldn’t affect gig placement in the search results. Although, I have heard (and have unconfirmed experimentation on my part) that suggests that delivering sooner – instead of at the deadline – can be a positive thing in terms of gig success.

Yes, long delivery time is a negative for sure, as I have found with experience, but can’t get out of it in my case.

True. I experienced that for myself too and my gig was going down in search results but that was like 2 years ago.

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#TBH, All of these effect your Sales!

I have been thinking of creating a topic like this but what I will say is; Over-work yourself, make/save enough funds then Switch ON vacation mode. I know you have to start all over but it will be a lot more easier.

Go on vacation mode.