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How does your "tip jar" gig works?


Hey there, to everyone around!

I see many sellers having a gig for tips, and I really was curious how does it works out for you? Did people start tipping you more after you’ve made this gig?
Because I can count in 3 seconds how many times I’ve been tipped, and it’s not because of poor work, because most of my clients are repetitive, so just wondering how it goes for everyone else.

Some hacks you could suggest?



Well, here’s the thing: tipping on the order page can only be done within a week or so, after which the buyer cannot leave any tips.

But some of my buyers come back to me after a month telling me they want to tip me but don’t know how. So what do I do? I direct them to my $5 tip jar gig, which in turn has Extras enabled to get bigger tips if the buyer chooses to :wink:

There were a couple of times where never-seen buyers ordered my tip jar just like that, no questions asked, nothing ever discussed - I assumed they were genuinely supporting me or my work :innocent:


After completing the order, a buyer will be presented to a window where Fiverr invites him/her to tip the seller, with different amounts. That happens with every order.
Now, there are some users who still create a “Tip Gig”, and in order to cash the tip, you need to deliver something.
Back in time when the tips were not offered within the order completion, I had a “Tip Gig” and for each Tip I’ve delivered pictures made by me from Costiera Amalfitana (where I lived)
On the other hand, I have regular clients who luckily tip me every time…
Lucky me :blush:


Haha, loved it!

I’ve seen some buyers with hundreds of reviews on their tip jar, and it was almost the most bought product))
so that’s why I’m wondering.

Thanks for letting me know!


Half of my customers don’t even leave reviews, to be honest, they just come back with new orders, but rarely review me, so I assume they’re highly satisfied if they come back, haha.

Thanks for your answer!


Not that I would like to be pessimistic or something…
I would be a little careful when a regular of mine doesn’t leave a review and is ordering every second day for example… the smallest misunderstanding could create a discussion and he/she can come back and rate you with 1 Star for all the good service you did before and put your whole business in jeopardy :confused:
If most of my clients don’t leave a review, I would start asking first myself if I’ve delivered what they really needed… and then them… (politely) or try to explain that a review will improve my business, without being “pushy” on the topic


Hmm, never thought about it this way, I was just always trying to avoid being pushy, so never insisted on it unless they wanted to review me.


I :heart: tip jars.

As much as I hate/despise/loathe videos, I actually like it on gratuity gigs. One of the guys had a really cute animated video, which I’m 95% sure, he did himself. I watched it several times, it was so well done - I gave him a tip. He delivered a copy of his ebook. :slight_smile:


Oh god, this sounds so adorable!


Yeah, the ebook was a nice touch. I was tickled. :slight_smile:

If he’s reading this, he’ll probably read the “cute” & “adorable” portion and think, “What the heck?” :grin:

Another seller gave me a voiceover “Thank you” for his delivery. :slight_smile::slight_smile:

On a separate note, I was randomly looking at gratuity gigs and I saw the strangest thing. Someone bought a gratuity gig and gave 4 stars to a seller.

What the fudge cracker? Who gives 4 stars on a gratuity gig? :broken_heart:


And here we are, the part with the rating is one of the things that puts me out, to be frank.

I mean, someone by mistake can make that, or even by purpose, just to destroy your rating.



Since you’re a buyer, I wanted to ask you something related to tips.

I was just wondering that whether a buyer can tip whatever amount he/she wants or Fiverr gives some options to choose from?


5r gives two recommendations (minimum being $5) & custom tip the buyer can fill out.

Unlike your gig, the tip can be in any increment $5 & up; in other words, I can tip $7, $21, $43, etc. There is a separate transaction fee for the buyer.


I created a tip gig but it doesn’t perform. In fact, I have only had one tip in the year or so since I created it. Thankfully, I do receive tips on sales quite regularly (right up to $35 sometimes). This being the case, I would personally recommend just sticking to delivering awesome quality work. Tip gigs might have been popular before Fiverr created a tipping functionality itself, now, though, it’s just really a bit like e-begging.


I always get tips in amounts such as $9, $16, etc. So if they leave a tip on your order page it can be in any amount. Recently one even has cents added: $12.24.


Not really, IMO - I still have clients coming back after a month or so asking how they can leave me a tip, and since their orders were already completed, the tip gig is the perfect solution in my case :smiley: