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How Dumb


… do some people think we are.

Just had a message from someone overseas who wanted me (in the US) to receive a package from them, then REMAIL it from my house to somewhere else in the US. LOL, I’m sorry, honey, but you can send your anthrax or bomb or illegal drugs/whatever to that address directly, yourself. I don’t care how many gigs you wanted to buy to cover the cost of my effort.

Oh, and btw, you are SO reported.

PS: If they try this one on anyone else here, REPORT THEM. They are up to no good.

:-q :-w L-)


Remailing is a valid activity in many cases. It’s not only a scam. But there are remailing services out there.

For example, I have a friend who learned his young son is sexually active. He wanted to get fit condoms and found he had to have them reshipped because they were not “approved” in the US.


Not ‘approved’ means I’d want nothing to do with it. I wouldn’t remail anything for anyone, for any reason. If they can send it to me, they can send it to the person it’s supposed to go to if they are in the same country. With the things that are going on now, I’d report anyone attempting this sort of activity to the authorities.


What about all those people who send valentines to Loveland (Colorado) to be remailed to their Valentine? Or those little ones that send a letter to Santa at North Pole (Alaska), and get an “answer” (parental remail)?

I wouldn’t make a blanket statement against remails.


I mean, I can imagine “legitimate” reasons someone might want to do this… however, in many cases I think it should throw a red flag of suspicion.

I personally would not do it. Usually between legitimate transactions for legal items people aren’t going to be asking someone else to be resending it.

In short, I agree with your suspicion. This type of job could put someone hugely at risk.


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