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How Early Payout Work

Hello Everyone…!!! Hope you all are well and safe.

You all are already aware of the “Early Payout” option on Fiverr. Fiverr added a new option “Early Payout” to get the clearance of pending funds (earnings) immediately.

For this awesome & useful option, Fiverr is taking a very small fee i.e 1% of the earning value.

I haven’t used this great option yet. But I am thinking to use this option today.

Did anyone use this option? Let me know your real experience.

Thank You!

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Wow… seems like a good option
i can’t think of how many times i will use this feature

Well done Fiverr

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You already have this topic since Early payout feature started in April.
And only some sellers get to use it.

Search for early payout in forum.

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Previously, I was getting the option of “Early Payout” but now I am not getting that option. Anyone can help me with this why I am not getting this?